Junior Changes and Dates
Date of Event : Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:31PM
Junior Comp

  • MILO in2CRICKET & T20 Blast – No change

  • Rookies
    - Same pitch size as 16/17 
    - Similar playing conditions (batsman to receive the same amount of balls to face)
    - Opportunity to trial a more appropriate sized ball 
    - Changing from 8 on the field to 7. Clubs can play more than 7, just need to rotate kids on and off the field. If they play more kids, they face less balls when batting. The goal is equal participation as our kids learn to play the game with a harder ball and all the equipment on
  • Under 12 B, C & Ds
    - Similar playing conditions to what we trialled in 16/17 with the Cs & Ds….adding in the Bs
    - 9 on the field, again clubs can rotate more than this. Coaches are critical to ensure playing conditions are abided by
    - Under 12A to come into line once formats are adopted by the VMCU
  • Under 12A & all other Junior cricket – Under 14, 16 & 18
    - Basically cricket as we know it
    - Under 12A cricket to adopt the Stage 2 formats when Representative cricket adopts the formats, likely in 2018/19 & beyond

Dates for he Junior comp - Boys

13/14/15 October

First Game (1 day game all comp) excl U/18)

15/16/17 December

Last game before Christmas

12/13/14 January

Resume playing

23/24/25 February

Finals commence

9/10/11 March

Grand Finals commence

Download full draft fixture for all Junior comps here

For full details click here 

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