Training and selections

Training attire policy 
Please always attend training in: 
PMCC training polo & shorts, or White cricket shirt & blue training shorts/pants.
PMCC cap or white training cap/hat.
Cricket shoes/runners (hard/turf wicket practice).

Information on the apparel and merchandise available soon in PMCC store.

Selection Policy 
Those who attend training regularly will be given favourable consideration upon selection. 

The Chairman of Selectors and Team Captains form the 'Selection Committee’. We encourage all players to be at training on selection nights. It is important to please advise your Team Captain or the Chairman of Selectors of any absence from training as well as any future unavailability's. A training register is kept and any individual can view this upon a written request to the Chairman.

Selections will be made as quickly as possible on Thursday nights, with the reading of the teams to immediately follow. Catering will also be provided. 

Team selections will also be posted on the web site or Facebook.


BBQ and social night
Social night and BBQ at the club December 16th.  Starts at 7pm. ...