Recruitment new players and volunteers

Our reputation, professionalism and generous facilities attract new people to our Club each year. New members arrive via friends, family, work colleagues, advertisements, opposition clubs and some just arrive 'off the street'.

New players 

New players are always welcome to come down and join in training. Players of all skill levels and experience are welcome. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact Chris Sewell the Senior Coach on 0402 536 359 or email


Volunteering fosters new friendships, talents and abilities; can lead to new and rewarding opportunities within Club & Social networks; can build confidence, new skills; and can assist with the Clubs operations. 

Volunteers are of tremendous value to any organisation and at PMCC we recognise the work of such people lending a hand to make our Club a better Club. There are always tasks, jobs, and responsibilities to attend to and any additional assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Upon confirmed duties, volunteers receive a Club training polo and cap to be worn on game day and training. 

So if you know of someone who would enjoy becoming involved with our Club across any level, or you require any information on how you can assist PMCC, please contact Chris Sewell (Senior Coach) on 0402 536 359 or email 


BBQ and social night
Social night and BBQ at the club December 16th.  Starts at 7pm. ...